Monday, August 10, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #88: A Better Chance at Health for More Americans

This is not only yet another rant about health care reform, it is also a meta-rant about how the "debate" is no longer a civil debate, but a propaganda war (that could potentially and sadly escalate into another civil war of sorts). Please, pretty please, won't anyone - especially those in broadcast and Internet journalism - humor the American public with two special points? --

1. Clear facts about the President's health reform plans, unobstructed by partisan spin; and

2. Voices of rational opposition, with cogent alternative solutions, and not the loud and be-not-proud dittohead mob.

Yes, this is the umpteenth time I've blogged about this topic. I do not want to hear/read reports of Palin and/or Gingrich and/or any talk radio/FOX News demagogue continuing their strategy of fear-mongering to their equally belligerent fan(atic) base. Their slippery-slope, bogeyman charge of "Death Panels" misses the point about the current state of American health care and health insurance policies:

1. The uninsured (those who spend their hard-earned lower wages on food and shelter and not much else) have to face a passive death-panel-by-omission, if major illness or injury occur.

2. The under-insured may have to face a death-panel-by-lower-priority. Face it; a lot of these quasi-health care plans seem to only benefit horror movie monsters: You'll get to see a doctor if you're a zombie with a head injury, a werewolf with a silver bullet wound, or a vampire impaled by a wooden stake. The rest of you paying customers are SOL.

3. Even the well-insured have a chance at facing a death-panel-by-bottom-line. If a potential illness or injury causes a strain in the insurer's business plan, then you might be dropped altogether.

If as many people in America (I can't rant for the rest of the world, sadly) can have access to proper health care - whether by competitively priced private insurance or an affordable government option - then we'll have a fighting chance at a physically healthier nation. Yes, that's stating the obvious. And I've said this myriad times before, but it is worth mentioning again: Those opposed to the current proposed solution(s) need to propose their own viable solution(s), and stop being asshats. Seriously.

I'm sorry to say this (not really), but those who like to think of themselves as rational opponents of Obama's health care plans need to throw your irrational de facto teammates under the proverbial bus...or at least shout your solutions louder than their detractions.

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