Thursday, August 6, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #84: The Good, the Bad, and the Who Cares?

After several days of lengthy (long-winded) rants, I might as well try to be brief today. In recent news:

THE GOOD: Bill Clinton waltzed in to North Korea and rescued the two imprisoned American journalists, who work for Al Gore's Current TV. Kim Jong-Il was probably as excited as a teenage girl in line for the next Twilight movie when Bill entered the room. I'm pretty sure there are other details in the process, but that's how people tell the story right now. Good for Bill Clinton! I am no fan of George W. Bush's Administration, but somewhere down the years, Dubya might have an opportunity to do something post-presidentially good. (I'm just optimistic these days.)

THE BAD: What's up with the murderers who rip near-term babies from their pregnant mothers? There are legitimate ways to parenthood, but some sort of sick jealousy must have been involved. What's up with the sad, lonely guy who took out his frustrations by murdering innocent women at a health club? I read his blog (reposted at the ABC News website); he could have channeled this lifetime of negativity as a self-effacing stand-up comedian and brought joy to everyone who's ever been down and frustrated (i.e., everyone). Were these people meant to (fated to) make (freely choose) these evil decisions? If so, what can we do to make this right?

THE WHO CARES?: Paula Abdul quit American Idol. I should categorize Ms. Abdul's decision as good for her, and I mean "Who cares?" when referring to American Idol. Sure, millions of fans buy into the hype, but ultimately, AI represents the last limbs of success of a dying authoritarian recording industry. Buh-bye, Music Industry 1.0. Say hello to Music Industry 2.0 - democratized, independent recording artists and self-determining former 1.0 acts - and beyond!

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