Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #83: Supermassive Birther Implosion...?

Apparently I was fated to let my curiosity get the best of me regarding what the Birthers have to say about President Barack Obama. I chose to spend time reading the comments section of various news websites and blogs concerning the Birther conspiracy movement. I hadn't really delved into this fringe ideology (although some polls identify that a significant proportion of Republicans are Birthers, but I don't know about that...), so here's what I've found out:

1. One of the main Birthers is an attorney/this/that named Orly Taitz: O RLY?

2. Even though an abbreviated but state-approved Hawaii birth certificate had been released previously, many Birthers want the public release of President Obama's long-form birth certificate.

3. If such a document were to be released, many Birthers would doubt its authenticity. On the other hand, some Birthers instantly believe the recently-released, likely*-forged (due to several anachronistic errors) Kenyan birth certificate, only because it confirms their beliefs. (*By likely, I actually mean obviously.)

4. If such a document were to be released, some Birthers wouldn't care because they apparently believe that there are more types of American citizenship than just "natural born" and "naturalized." According to some Birthers, because Obama was born to a British-subject Kenyan father and an American mother, and/or rumored to have been later adopted by his Indonesian step-father, that disqualifies him from being a "natural born" citizen. Constitutionally, of course, only "natural born" citizens may assume the office of POTUS. Well, Obama was born in Hawaii to an American mother, and he never went through the naturalization process (complete with a citizenship test and swearing-in ceremony), so what kind of citizen does that make him? An Alpha Plus? A Beta Minus? A Delta? An Epsilon? (Sure, this and any issue can be as gray as you make it.)

5. As long as a long-form birth certificate is never released, the Birthers will probably increase their noise-mongering. At a certain point, guilt by association will have a large effect, further damaging the Republican party - stereotyping all active members as extremists. Eventually, the Birthers will likely implode, and possibly taking the Grand Old Party with it. Hopefully the new opposing party will have a base and leaders willing to deal with real issues, and debate the current Administration and majority in Congress with intelligence and civility.

In conclusion, I could care less about long-form birth certificates. In other words, don't release the long-form document, and let the Birthers self-implode. Then release the document (or not, for this issue has already been proven to the non-Birther majority). There are bigger issues to debate and real solutions to propose.

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