Saturday, August 1, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #79: "Summer Evening" by John Clare #LibriVox

Summer Evening - Read By Ryan DeRamos by John Clare
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summerevening_clare_deramos.mp3 (1159 KB)

Today's special blog entry has been redundantly posted at both Posterous and Blogger, as well as ridiculously linked to at both Facebook and Twitter.

The mp3 embedded above (hosted on Posterous' servers) is my recording of "Summer Evening" by John Clare, read for LibriVox, and in the public domain. It will be a part of this week's LibriVox Weekly Poetry, where several volunteer readers record the same poem. This collection will then be "published" together (hosted) at and catalogued at LibriVox.

The frog half fearful jumps across the path,
And little mouse that leaves its hole at eve
Nimbles with timid dread beneath the swath;
My rustling steps awhile their joys deceive,
Till past,--and then the cricket sings more strong,
And grasshoppers in merry moods still wear
The short night weary with their fretting song.
Up from behind the molehill jumps the hare,
Cheat of his chosen bed, and from the bank
The yellowhammer flutters in short fears
From off its nest hid in the grasses rank,
And drops again when no more noise it hears.
Thus nature's human link and endless thrall,
Proud man, still seems the enemy of all.

I produced this recording on a summer's night, full of summertime crickets merrily chirping in the darkness. Ironically, of course, I used one of my SoundSoap plug-ins in Pro Tools to remove the crickets from the background. "Proud man, still seems the enemy of all," indeed.

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