Monday, August 31, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #109: Recovery Is Imminent; Coupon Codes, TuneUp Are Awesome

I am now a few hours into the third day of this cold. I don't know if I'm getting any better, or if I'm turning into Eddie Vedder. I don't know if I can enunciate both terms as differently as possible. Maybe after a good night's sleep and one more dose of my triple punch of over-the-counters, I'll be good to go for the workweek.

Here are a couple of quick tip musings before I call it a day and hit the hay:

Remember to check for any available coupon codes whenever you shop online. Suffixing your Google search with the terms "coupon codes" should suffice. is by far my favorite go-to site for coupon codes.

An iTunes companion app called TuneUp is both awesome and possibly creepy. It will clean up your non-ID-tagged mp3s and add needed album covers (when the iTunes album cover service doesn't cut it...which is often). There are a few minor bugs when it comes to finding possible albums covers (TuneUp gives a maximum choice of four possible candidates from which to choose), but the app scours the web for possible covers. It even found reasonable album covers for my own band's mp3s - pretty spot on, too! TuneUp will surf the Web for related videos and music for every song you play from iTunes, and it will tell you of upcoming concerts in your specific locality. It's very neat, and possibly pretty scary if one overthinks about the app (in the distant ballpark of HAL 9000, in terms of creepy).

Anyhow, there's a coupon code for TuneUp that expires at the beginning of September (Google it, as I have advised!), which pretty much makes a lifetime license the same price as an annual license (without a coupon code). Kudos to super-blogger and tweeter extraordinaire Antonio Lupetti for the TuneUp hat tip a couple of weeks ago.

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