Sunday, August 30, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #108: Sick Continues; "The Constant"

This is day two and a half of what I'm self-diagnosing as the common cold. Knock on wood. At WebMD, my symptoms are more in line with the common cold than a nasty flu bug. As a silver lining, this slight feverish feeling I'm having (i.e., hot inside) coupled with the summer heat wave (i.e., hot outside) kind of creates a balance in that it's not really hot anymore. Hmm...

OK, that's enough personal trivia that borders on too much information.

If you've never watched LOST, and don't have the time to watch the show from the beginning, check out this one episode called "The Constant." There's no "Previously on LOST..." prologue, and you really don't need much context to enjoy this episode for what it is: A 40-minute movie. On-screen context provides this detail, but in case you missed it: The helicopter at the beginning needs to follow a specific course from the Island to the freighter, and things may go awry if it doesn't. A man named Desmond is affected by this slight diversion from the course:

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