Saturday, August 29, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #107: Sick Happens

Sick happens.

This is probably a case of the common cold, that I probably caught whilst out and about on Wednesday. The virus probably incubated during the past couple of days, and now my upper respirator system is on fire! Luckily, I have a lot of water flowing through my plumbing, so to speak. And I'm starting my trifecta of separate drugs - a decongestant, an expectorant, and a painkiller - to ease the recovery process.

And if this is the flu, or a variant thereof (oink, oink!) - whatever happens, happens. If this is a case of the H1N1, I'm sure I'll be able to see a doctor under my horror movie monsters health plan. A horror movie monsters health plan? What's that? I probably wrote this here before, but if you're a vampire non-fatally impaled by a stake, then you'll be able to see a doctor. If you're a werewolf grazed by a silver bullet, then you'll be able to see a doctor. If you're a zombie with a bump to the head, then you'll be able to see a doctor. I'm pretty sure there's a human condition that warrants similar care. (Of course, if you're a vampire impaled through the heart, a werewolf shot through a vital organ/major artery, or a zombie without a head, then you're screwed!)

In any case, lots of drinking water, some decent over-the-counter medication, some good tunes, and lots of laughter should do the trick (knock on wood!). I recently bought a couple of vinyl LPs, so I look forward to giving those albums a spin or two over the weekend. There are also a lot of old photos to scan, old videos to watch, and unplayed mp3s to play. If this minor illness and related medication will cause delirium, maybe I'll be able to time travel.

That would be awesome. Cough, cough...sniffle, sniffle...cheers!

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