Thursday, August 27, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #105: Loud Classic Rock Is Better Than Loudmouth Partisan Hacks

Jeff Beck is better than Glenn Beck. Plus, Jeff Beck has good taste in bass players. Take that, Glenn Beck!:

Rush - with their libertarian ideals - are better than Limbaugh, with his fake conservative Republican dittoheadism:

Heart. "Barracuda." The reference has already been said and done:

The Doobie Brothers are better than Dobbs:

Who needs Bill O RLY? when you can have "Baba O'Riley"?:

Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" > Dick Cheney:

Taking into account the usual play-on-name against her, Ann Coulter is no match against Manfred Mann:

And so on, and so forth. In other words: Instead of agreeing with whatever a talking head says the moment he/she says it, do your own research afterward.

As you can see, today's too warm on the outside to be heated on the inside. Days like this...with temperatures as for knocking down one or more cold ones while listening to the music of your choice. The aforemtioned classic rock icons that will, in the long run, be remembered more fondly than ideologues and demagogues with similar names and nicknames.

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