Friday, July 31, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #78: Three Kinds of Successful Tweets

Tweets that are (1) useful or (2) funny will likely be re-tweeted by other users, and therefore are successful messages in the midst of a lot of trivial self-centeredness on Twitter. Some or all of the previous sentence will be auto-tweeted via Twitterfeed, and, appropriately enough, the first sentence is neither useful nor funny. Therefore, it will likely not be re-tweeted by any non-DeRamos Group entity on Twitter. My post title said there are three kinds of successful tweets: (3) Tweets that are direct @ messages might also illicit a response by the receiving party, unless they are a Twitter-celebrity with hundreds of thousands of followers and no time to respond to every @ reply or mention.

Useful tweets usually have a link to a webpage with more than 140 characters' worth of information. The warning, however, is to be careful with all the TinyURL,,, etc., shortened URLs - you might end up on a site riddled with malware, or worse, a live hacker looking for open doors. @teksquisite almost always tweets useful tweets (usually advice against malware), with the occasional quasi-useful/entertaining tech-related, gadget tweet.

Funny/entertaining tweets are hit or miss. Even the most seasoned of real-world comedians on Twitter can shoot out a bunch of unfunny-but-trying-to-be-funny, 140-character maximum statements. I have been fortunate enough to be re-tweeted on a few occasions by total strangers for some random one-liner that somehow connected with another user. And when I happen upon a funny one-liner (usually from people I follow, or from tweeters who chase daily trends), I'll gladly re-tweet.

@ replies and RT @ mentions (because giving credit where credit is due is good) are, again, the third category of successful tweets. Actually corresponding with another user builds a sense of community, of sorts. At the very least, Twitter ceases to become an endless string of self-hype and self-promotion that goes to no one if you direct your message to at least someone.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with mundane tweets, that only you and possibly your stalker(s) would enjoy to read. (If it's the case of a stalker, then anything you tweet will be a useful or funny tweet. If they get creepy, remember that you can block them.) In any case, the less Twitter becomes a bastion of text narcissism (where Facebook is a bastion of multimedia narcissism), and more a place of utility, then it might reach that next level (and the service itself might even turn that elusive profit!).

Anyhow, this is the end of this incoherent rant based on a bunch of duh! common sense principles. By the way, the same can be said for blog posts, too: This particular one being neither useful (it's duh!, remember?) nor funny (scatterbrained, yes, but not funny), and neither is this post addressed to anyone. Hmm...I don't know why I even typed out this rant, other than forcing myself to write something more-or-less substantial on a daily basis. I'd better tag this post as "filler" to show my disdain for my own writing for today.

All that aside...have a happy end of July today, and have a happy first day of August tomorrow!

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