Thursday, July 30, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #77: More News (Mini) Rants

I've been time traveling a bit as of late, and I just might photo-Post (as in Posterous) my asynchronous adventures sometime soon. In any case, I can't really think of a good solid rant to write, so I'll just rely on what's current in the news:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation Takes Issue With Apple's Claims About Jailbroken iPhones

On a friend's Facebook link concerning Apple's and/or AT&T's rejection of the Google Voice app (blogged here yesterday), a commenter (a friend of a friend) wrote: "Per Apple, if you jailbreak your iPhone, the terrorists have won."

I was going to write (well, I did...eventually) something to top that in pun-filled facetiousness: "Every time you jailbreak, Jobs kills a kitten." @maczydeco on Twitter beat me to that satirical proverb: "Every time you jailbreak, steve jobs [sic] kills a kitten:"

Re: Gates-gate: Is Obama Snubbing 911 Caller?

Professor Gates may have overreacted when the police didn't believe that he was in his own home; Sgt. Crowley may have overreacted when arresting a man in his own home for complicated homeowner's rights reasons; President Obama may have overreached when calling parts of the aforementioned sequence of events as stupid. And so it was, the trio previously engaged in a series of miscommunication and misunderstanding will communicate and understand over a few beers. Unfortunately, the Prez didn't invite the one ultimately responsible for the situation - Ms. Whalen the concerned neighbor - to the party.

Dudes, you gotta invite one or more ladies to a drinkin' party. It's good manners.

Bryce Dallas Howard in, Rachelle Lefevre out in third 'Twilight' film

I've never read the novels, nor have I seen the first movie. It's probably because my lot in life, being the opposite of a teenage girl in the 2000s, seems not to point me in that direction. Don't be mistaken: I think vampires are cool. In any case, I don't like when movie roles are recast during the same series, and in the same period of time. It's okay, I guess, if the character ages dramatically between installments (i.e., Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels). It's unavoidable when the original actor dies (i.e., Richard Harris in the Harry Potter movies). Other than that, it really is a disservice to the audience when the producers change cast members midstream, as it were. It feels like a soap opera; from time to time, a booming voice over would introduce a new actor playing a current character.

In any case, at least it's not Ron Howard wearing a wig playing a female vampire, if that's any consolation.

And that's your tech, political, and entertainment news for Thursday, July 30, 2009. It's back to time traveling for me. ::whoosh!::

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