Friday, July 24, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #71: Too Much Spin, Too Much Spin Everywhere

While figuring out whom to blame may be a valid issue, determining how to make things right is more important.

With all the linguistic spin and partisan noise in the World Wide Web, I don't think anyone knows the true story of the incident between Sgt. Crowley and Prof. Gates. Even the gentlemen involved are confined within the realm of their own perception to know whether or not their respective actions were justified. If there is a more objective (however imperfect) witness to these events, please speak up. This specific case may not ultimately be a case of racism against the professor, but is it a case of unprofessional use of authority by the police officer? After all, this was Gates' residence, and yet he was arrested for reasons currently unclear - because of all this commentary, spin, and my-ideology-first mentality.

And if this case isn't one of racial profiling, it doesn't excuse ones that are. If this officer isn't racist (notice the only link puts the arresting officer in a more-or-less positive light), this doesn't excuse those who are. If this officer didn't abuse his power by arresting a homeowner/rightful resident, this doesn't excuse those in authority who abuse their power just because they have that option.

Again, I say that while figuring out who is responsible for what in this situation is of reasonable importance - it pales in comparison to a more urgent issue of not only doing things right, but making things right.

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