Sunday, July 19, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #66: Aliens Win?

Is that a tentacle growing from that flower? Wikipedia says that this is an example of inflorescence, but who trusts Wikipedia these days?

Photograph by Noodle snacks (


  1. By feedburner, did you mean this link?

    Please let me know if that's not the right one

    This situation has been devastating..

    My web technician has done a complete run through this past Friday and couldn't seem to find any malware virus Google accused us of having.

    It's exhausting to have to move to another page and new theme again if this keeps chasing us there too

    I just don't understand

  2. Anything on the domain gets the Google (or is it FireFox for me?) warning. Do you have any RSS feed that has a URL that looks like ? Of course, Google owns FeedBurner, too, so it might not have the best result if you sign up right now.

    Earlier this year, all the sites on one of my server accounts were attacked by a mild Trojan that affected all the index pages. Some hackers presumably attacked the web host and affected several accounts (including mine). It was a quick fix (deleted some code manually so I wouldn't have to wait for the web host to do it), but what's happening to Rama's Screen is bigger, sadly. I hope that everything will turn out all right...soon.

    That said, it could be the web hosting service that's still infected or constantly open for attack.

    Cheers (even though it is hard right now),


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