Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #48: Senator Al Franken

Al Franken was funny in Saturday Night Live. With his opponent, Norm Coleman, conceding November's election, Al Franken brings the total number of Senate Democrats (including Democrat-leaning Independents) to a fillibuster-breaking 60.

David Espo of the Associated Press notes that the 60 votes only happens when this assumed voting bloc is united.

If this Democratic Senate is indeed united for many issues, they - along with the Democrat-majority House of Representatives and President Obama's Democratic Adminsitration - have until November 2010 to try their solutions to our current problems. Then the voters in the respective states of each member of Congress will have their say. If there is a positive turnaround (especially economically), then there will be a two-year extension of this majority, until November 2012. And so on, and so forth, until the cycle begins again for the other party (or hopefully parties, in the future).

If the current situation gets worse, then we'll see more (likely) Republicans (but hopefully a variety from other parties) replacing Democratic Senators and Representatives in 2010. At this point, something called compromise will determine possible solutions at the Federal level.

I wish the 60-majority (and the 40-opposition, et al.) good luck, knowing whatever happen will happen. There's no use wishing anyone failure, when that pretty much detracts from fashioning your own success.

By the way, Happy Canada Day! Our (America's) birthday is around the corner...

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