Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #47: Internet Meme FAIL (So Far)

I doubt this will ever catch on, or maybe it did years ago but I missed out. In any case, anatomically-based character/emotional metaphors and idioms border on the ridiculous, don't they? Metaphorically, they provide encouragement or a culturally-accepted description. When taken literally, on the other hand, these idioms are just tragic. For example:

Metaphorically: Break a leg = Thanks for wishing me a good performance!
Literally: Break a leg = Pain, followed by weeks of painful recovery and therapy.
Throughout the day, inspired by what apparently killed pitchman extraordinaire Billy Mays (an enlarged heart), I tweeted on this topic:
DeRamos We need to stop conflating character w/ anatomy. Big heart = Metaphorically good, literally lethal. RIP Billy Mays http://bit.ly/VYYrD

DeRamos More character vs. anatomy: Big head = Metaphorically uncool, literally might be a tumor. "It's not a tu-mah!" http://bit.ly/x20KD

DeRamos Same goes for big brain = Smart or http://bit.ly/x20KD #KindergartenCop #Schwarzenegger

DeRamos More character vs. anatomy: Yellow belly = Cowardice or jaundice?

DeRamos More character vs. anatomy: Two left feet = Clumsiness or a serious birth defect? DeRamos More character vs. anatomy: Remedy for a broken heart = Cheer up or transplant?

DeRamos More character vs. anatomy: Elbow grease = Metaphor for working hard or literally, go see a doctor...seriously.
Well, sometimes an Internet meme doesn't happen in a day, and of course, you can't will a meme into existence - unless you have that kind of influence on the connected masses (I don't).

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