Friday, June 26, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #43: A Tweeter of Life and Death

The news was reported on Twitter yesterday, and shared amongst friends on Facebook. Here are my tweets from yesterday, with minimal notes (italicized):

@Billy RIP Sky. :-( Sky Saxon of the Seeds also died yesterday. Here is his cameo in the Smashing Pumpkins' "Superchrist" music video:

RIP Farrah Fawcett. :-( @tweetdouche LOL Thanks...I guess. Apparently I get the news from Twitter's Trending Topics column. #FarrahFawcett #Iran #Shaq etc. It's a crapshoot.

RT @williamdipini Fox "We Never Tolerate Facts" News: Sanford is a Democrat! - sounds generous, but strike two?

@williamdipini "alcohol abuse, prostitution and sexual pursuit of minors" must be in an earlier draft of the Declaration. LOL

OK D = left hand, middle finger; R = left hand, index finger. A bit hard to typo that. RE: Strike Two - err, foul ball? @FutureCougar Seems like Future Cougar has been promoted to Future Sugar Momma. :-)

RT @abc7 BREAKING NEWS: Michael Jackson has been rushed to a hospital after apparently suffering a cardiac arrest - ??? Unlike many people just shocked by Jackson's death, ABC7's "heart attack" tweet pretty much prepared me for what was to come...

RT @abc7 Update on Michael Jackson breaking news: We're hearing paramedics did recognize him; When they arrived CPR was already underway

Memo to InterWebians: The usual English spelling for מִיכָאֵל / מיכאל‎ (Mikha'el) is Michael, not Micheal. Thanks. #frequent #typo When "Micheal" is in the Twitter trends and not the correct spelling, it's probably a combination of speedy typos, the dyslexic, and people who are cool with not knowing how to spell the common English rendering of "Michael."

RE: Comes in Threes - geographically and (pop) culturally assigned. Pick your three: #MichaelJackson #Fawcett #McMahon

The Wikimocracy (Wikipedia + democracy) says who lives and who dies. #hyperbole #MichaelJackson #Fawcett #McMahon #Carradine

"This is it. I just want to say these will be my final show performances in London. This is it, when I say this is it, this is it" - MJ 6/14

Self-fulfilling prophecies are not exactly ideal. #WHH #MichaelJackson

Gonna dust off that original early '80s vinyl of Thriller and give it a spin. RIP (or get well soon?) Michael Jackson. :-(

@cmtwist :-(

Famous people dying is incapacitating Twitter.

@shondarhimes Same here. The evidence is on videotape, locked away, never to be YouTubed ever. :-\ The creator of Grey's Anatomy apparently moonwalked with her sister back in the day. Back in the day, my brother did most of the moonwalking. I was still getting the hang of walking on two feet.

Currently on Wikipedia: "At age 50, Michael Jackson died in Los Angles [sic], California due to an overdose of something." Someone actually retweeted this tweet! Awesome!

@greggrunberg I'm pretty sure his name [Jeff Goldblum] is just being used as a punchline in a list of three. Somewhat funny but in poor taste.

@ElizabethBanks Twitter is THE PLACE for late breaking news (and not political party faux typos

@khinman You gotta pick young Michael Jackson and the J5 with "I'll Be There." Poignant. The Nightline production staff was deciding what to play at the end of tonight's episode. At the end of the show, they chose "I'll Be There." Hell yeah! Thanks, Katie Hinman (even though you all probably chose the song before and regardless of me saying anything).

R.I.P. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Sky Saxon, et al.

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