Thursday, June 25, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #42: Quick Thoughts on Current Events

Gov. Sanford's Infidelity: Politics aside, only a true blue douchebag would ditch his kids on Father's Day to cheat on their mom. I @ replied to comedienne/smart person Aisha Tyler on Twitter:

aishatyler Gov Sanford drama even better than Perez meltdown. "I was hiking, & by hiking, I mean having dirty monkey sex with my Argentinian lover."

DeRamos @aishatyler ...on Father's Day, too, ignoring his kids' macaroni ashtrays (kids don't do ashtrays anymore, right?). Gov. Sanford's a douche.

aishatyler @DeRamos super-douche.
Shaq Traded to Cleveland: Apparently we all found out on Twitter, Shaq included. What will happen to this new Cavalier team of LeBron and Shaq? Will Cavs 2010 be winners like Heat 2006 or runners-up like Lakers 2004 (or a repeat of Cavs 2009...or worse)?
DeRamos Can't wait for the @THE_REAL_SHAQ most valuable puppet. #Nike, strike up a deal. #Shaq #Cleveland #LeBron #Kobe #puppet
A Pau Gasol puppet would also be good.

Obama's Potential Healthcare Solutions on ABC: Back to politics: I watched most of the primetime program and its extension on the Nightline timeslot. You know what? I say go for the experiment, if the public, non-profit, government-subsidized insurer is alongside private for-profit insurers. We'll see if how many people choose quasi-socialism over the status quo of pseudo-capitalism (because, you know, all that collusion and everything involved with health care and drug companies).

Then again, maybe we could go for about six more months of debate. Open minds, nuance, numbers, and the lack of buzzword mudslinging (socialism!) are all essential in this debate. I'm with @jaketapper (ABC's Jake Tapper) in that pseudonymous trolls are not welcome in important debates anymore. However, they can continue to tweet and blog their fearmongering and disingenuous spin, as is their right and one of the many acceptable consequences of a free country. But we should continue to abstain from feeding aforementioned trolls, even if the temptation to mock them is overwhelming.

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