Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #41: Chord du Jour Cheat Shirts

It's time for another round of shameless self-promotion!

Anyhow, we at DeRamos Media run a periodically active blog called Chord du Jour (currently on hiatus) that focuses on teaching bits and pieces of (hopefully) useful musical knowledge to people who stumble upon the blog. While the site itself is on hiatus, we've been producing merchandise relevant to the aims of Chord du Jour, usually in the form of Cheat Shirts.

Basically, you wear a Cheat Shirt, strap on a guitar, and look down to see how to play a couple of scales. We've tried these shirts, and truth be told, it kind of works. Cheat Shirts tend to work better on flatter bodies (i.e., boobies and beer bellies might pose some problems) and for guitarists who sling their guitars lower on their bodies (relatively on or below the belly button).

We are constantly churning out variations on the design, but here are the two newest Cheat Shirts by Chord du Jour:

The above right-handed guitarist design is slightly lame, with a "Space Rocker" theme.

The above left-handed guitarist design is slightly creepy, with a play on words "Sinister Guitarist" theme (because sinister = left).

Currently, one scale is the Blues Scale (with hollow circles for root notes, special dots for blue notes, and supplemental minor pentatonic notes highlighted). The other helpful fretboard hint is the Mixolydian Mode (with hollow circles for root notes and supplemental major pentatonic notes highlighted). We will soon branch out to other scales and modes in future designs.

The classic Chord du Jour design is also available for righties and lefties:

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