Sunday, June 21, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #38: Cell Phone Pix of Father's Day Food

I hope those who celebrated had a Happy Father's Day earlier today. Without going into too much detail on the fun celebration of today, here are the highlights, as far as food is concerned:

I am not much of a culinary artist, but I think I can make a decent short order cook at a hole-in-the-wall diner. Anyhow, there are few people in the world for whom I am willing to rise at the crack of dawn and cook an ad hoc breakfast buffet unconditionally. Needless to say, pictured above, from the top left, counterclockwise: Blueberry muffin, corned beef hash, turkey bacon, beef sausage, wheat bread French toast, white bread French toast, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, and a pancake that turned out puffy like a biscuit. Not pictured, but on the menu, are banana muffins and turkey sausage.

Of course you gotta have a barbecue around noon time. Few things are timelessly manlier (timeless as in caveman manly) than pieces of animal (in this case, cow) impaled with pointy sticks. Not pictured: Beer. And shots of Tennessee whiskey. And glasses of Scotch whisky on the rocks. (Not all at once, of course. Don't be silly.)

This is apparently a sacrifice to the gods of paternity. I'm not a fan of when the fat drips into the fire, creating mini-explosions.

This is one of the sacrificial burger patties with sauteed onions and mushrooms, Swiss cheese (although my cell phone camera misrepresents the color), sandwiched between two hamburger buns, and surrounded by oven-roasted, seasoned, fry-cut potatoes. With an ice-cold, Caffeine-free Diet Pepsi, it was excellent.

Okay, I might have to detoxify for the next two weeks. In about two weeks, of course, is the Fourth of July, where it'll be much of the same as today. Happy Father's Day!

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