Friday, June 19, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #36: Fox Cable Comedy Is Fooling Less and Less People Every Day

Even at face value, Fox News is for entertainment purposes only. I hope everyone - no matter their economic and social ideology - who watches Fox News gets that fact. Unfortunately (tee hee), it is no longer an opinion that Fox News is non-news. It is fact, as evidence by their hypocrisy and convenient memory loss:

Fox News forgot about their late colleague, former Fox News personality, and former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow:

Previously, Fox News forgot about that they - Fox News - had a similar in-the-White-House setup as ABC News:

I am happy that the US still has freedom of speech, and therefore I am happy that Fox News can still broadcast their opinions. However, the word news is misused. Other than the oft-used visual pun Faux News, safer alternatives for Fox News are Fox News* (*fine print: not news) and Fox Nuze. Any misspelling of News would do, short of a possibly inappropriate Noose - the GOP (and by extension, Fox News) already has a racist joke problem on their hands.

(And that racist joke problem isn't so much a question of political correctness as it is about good manners coming from positions of power and influence. In this age of anonymous Internet trolls, whatever happened to manners?)

Anyhow, the Fox News problem of not being the news happens in other news organizations around the world - whether competing cable networks, broadcast TV networks, local news broadcast, satellite radio, broadcast radio, newspapers, and the World Wide Web - et cetera. I guess the current places for fair-and-balanced news are (1) Comedy Central (Stewart/Colbert's more-or-less liberal hour tempered by South Park's more-or-less libertarian slant) and (2) Twitter (for late breaking news, if you are patient to wade through the spam).

It's a brave new world, indeed.

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