Thursday, June 18, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #35: You Can't Beat That Tweet! #gokeyisadouche ???

I've copied and pasted the most recent top Twitter trends (as of around 11 PM yesterday), I've Googled what they're supposed to mean, and now I'm blogging about my rather trivial and useless conclusions:

Trending Topics

1. #gokeyisadouche - Apparently, someone related to American Idol contestant Danny Gokey posted some homophobic and/or generally offensive comments on Facebook, and this reflects poorly on Gokey himself. It probably started as a reasonably funny joke (like the beginnings of #unfollowdiddy weeks ago) that now seems more or less mean-spirited (somewhat like #unfollowdiddy). But what can you do?

2. #IranElection - Mostly serious tweets about the question of (and quest for) freedom in Iran is sadly the second place trend.

3. #nicerfilmtitles - Filler tweets are the equivalent to email forwards from the late 1990s and MySpace bulletins from earlier this decade. Today's filler topic is the modification of film titles to sound subjectively nicer.

4. iPhone - The next iPhone will be released this Friday, and tweeps tend to love their gadgets.

5. AT&T - In the US, the iPhone is exclusive to the AT&T as the service provider. Many of the iPhone tweets are related to AT&T's policies, whether good or bad.

6. Aramark - My Google search for why this corporation is currently a popular topic on Twitter, and I am not about to click on the and TinyURL links of probable Twitter spammers.

7. Goodnight - Many tweeters live in the US (and by logical extension, other regions of the Western Hemisphere), and it's about bedtime for many. "Goodnight" is what they write for throwaway "What am I doing now (like you really care)?" tweets.

8. OS 3 - Relating to the new iPhone is the latest version of the iPhone operating system, available to many iPhone users right now. Complaints and praises abound.

9. Twugs - This word is evidently portmanteau for Twitter hugs, and/or a neologism that incorporates Tw- to everything Twitter. Power to the tweeple, I suppose.

10. MMS - Various tweeps have tweeted about woes and solutions to MMS text messaging, apparently relating to the iPhone, OS 3, and the AT&T service provider.

Other than being baffled by the Aramark trend (and not really caring about digging deeper into this likely triviality), I think that's that. Goodnight!

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