Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #34: Championship Effects

I'm glad that (as far as the TV news tells me) today's Lakers celebration did not descend into mob mentality chaos like on Sunday. I must congratulate the City of LA, its emergency services, and the fans for keeping everything cool today. Of course, I congratulate the Los Angeles Lakers once again for bringing home their 15th NBA Championship.

While the parade cost an estimated $2 million to produce, I hope the businesses along the parade route had a spectacular day of business. If street vendors were allowed in the area, I'm sure they also made some good money - and paid the City well in permit fees. I think the State of California received some needed revenue for the use of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

The Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area of Southern California (that undisturbed continuum of urban/suburban between Ventura County and south Orange County, and between the Pacific coast and fading out in the Inland Empire counties of San Bernardino and Riverside) also claims the Los Angeles Lakers as their own. Because of this championship, lots of merchandise - from the $26 relic'd baseball caps to the $20 caricature T-shirts and then some - is moving from sporting good stores and other merchandisers throughout the Southland (and elsewhere, wherever Lakers fans exist).

Until SoCal remembers that economic times are tough, it's kind of good to have this spend-happy and celebrate-much vacation from our woes. It's good for the morale of the region.

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