Monday, June 15, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #32: Hooray for the Lakers!

I am happy that the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship, especially in the same exact fashion as I had anticipated:

1. Believe it or not: I really want the Lakers to win the Championship on Sunday's Game 5, not on Thursday. If not Sunday, then either Game 6 or 7 will do.
And so the Lakers won on Sunday.

The downside is that many of my fellow Laker fans - especially those congregated in Downtown LA - gave into the chemistry of human biology and ancient sociology when celebrating our team's victory. For the celebratory rioters, I think the sheer excitement and elation of the Lakers' championship turned into a chaotic mix of adrenaline, testosterone, and mob mentality. At some point in the celebration, the maddening crowd probably forgot that they were celebrating the Lakers in the midst of the destruction. Terms like "Lakers," "Kobe," and "Gasol" likely became mere abstractions compared to the urgent now of fire and congregating in circles and shaking passing automobiles.

My under-educated opinions aside, National Geographic published a better article on the phenomenon of sports riots.

Shifting gears: There is talk that the Cleveland Cavaliers want to bring @The_Real_Shaq into their fold. Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James in a single team...where did I hear that before? Oh, yes, I wrote about that early Wednesday, in terms of building a better Clippers team:
2. Lure Shaquille O'Neal to play his final seasons in LA. Shaq loves LA, and LA loves Shaq, but there is no place in Kobe Bryant's Lakers for Shaq.

3. Convince LeBron James to play with Shaq in the Clippers. The newly demoted Prince James (who lost his Kingship due to poor sportsmanship after losing the Eastern Conference Finals) has an opportunity for both redemption and epic greatness if he can lead the Clippers to his first Championship.
In any case, I still wish the situation was for the Clippers and not the Cavaliers. Then again, a Kobe Bryant (with Pau Gasol, et al.) versus a combination of Shaq and LeBron in the NBA Finals is more epic than a meeting for a Western Conference title.

I say bring it, Cleveland, and sign/trade/deal for Shaq. And Nike had better make more Most Valuable Puppets commercials, too. They're delightful. (A guest appearance by Sesame Street's Grover to teach puppet LeBron the meaning of good sportsmanship would be an excellent premise.)

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