Saturday, June 13, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #30: Is 2009 Pittsburgh's Year?

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins for winning the NHL Stanley Cup, by coming back from a series deficit against the Detroit Redwings. It seems like a good year for the City of Black, Gold, and White (okay, the Penguins have a "Vegas Gold" variant to the Pittsburgh colors). Earlier this year, the Pittsburgh Steelers won the NFL Super Bowl. The City of Pittsburgh doesn't have a team in the NBA, but they have a chance at the MLB World Series in 2009 with the Pittsburgh Pirates, who haven't won the title in 30 years (1979).

If there is no SoCal Freeway World Series (Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), and if neither the Dodgers nor the Angels make it to the Series, I'd like to see the Pirates go all the way this year. I apologize to Chicago Cubs and their long-suffering fans.

Maybe if the Clippers move to Pittsburgh and change their colors to black, gold, and white, they'd win some NBA Championships. Pittsburgh Clippers, anyone? Steel-welding (and wielding) penguin pirates on clipper ships sounds catchy...

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