Thursday, June 11, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #28: Joe Scarborough Says to Be Cool

Check out this clip from Tavis Smiley, which is likely the same talking point former Republican congressman/TV personality Joe Scarborough has been making throughout the press tour promoting his new book The Last Best Hope:

Whatever you believe politically and/or ideologically, it makes sense to be cool and calm in this panicky time. To be angry and accusatory is to fuel a fire that needs to be quenched instead.

In another segment from Tavis Smiley's interview, Scarborough said that the "creative friction" between then-Republican majority Congress in the '90s and Bill Clinton's Democratic Administration forced the two sides to actually do stuff. By the turn of the century (pre-9/11), the United States had a budget surplus. In contrast, according to Scarborough (which I also agree), the unchecked power of much of the George W. Bush/majority Republican Congress years led to our current economic predicament. Scarborough also fears the same will happen with an unchecked Barack Obama Administration/Democratic Congress. When given the choice between unchecked political power over this large country and "creative friction" for the betterment of the United States, I'd have to choose the latter. Then again, we have some time between now and the 2010 midterm elections to see if the Obama Administration's relatively unchecked power fixes its inherited woes or makes them worse (and adds some new woes of its own).

Since Scarborough works for MSNBC (and not FOX News), and his strategy for a Republican comeback involves some degree of evenhanded nuance (if the above clip is any indication) - it's only a matter of time before the angry, thinks-everyone-else-is-a-commie, Cheney/Limbaugh Republican base throws the man under the cliche bus (if they haven't done so already).

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