Monday, June 8, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #25: Google Is (Was) Slow Today

Something is up with many users' Googling experience today.  Appropriately enough, Google News loads slowly and (at last check) does not mention today's Google Empire sluggishness.  A usually mundane Google search with Firefox's Google Toolbar failed several times today by timing out.  This could be a pirate attack by Microsoft to influence Googlers to try out Bing.  (Could this Google slowdown possibly be targeted to Microsoft operating system users, since I use an XP Netbook?  CONSPIRACY!).

Right now, Blogger (run by Google) is nearly impossible to access today, and my daily blog is a Blogger blog.  That's why I am on Posterous typing this reflexive meta-entry in the hope that it will auto-repost at, too.  Gmail - typically the no-brainer webmail host due to its immense convenience and space - is also slow going.

As I finish this short rant of a post, Google seems to be picking up the pace as the sun sets in Pacific Time.  The moral of the story is to not put all your eggs in one basket, whether it be a G-basket (Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, Google Search, Google News, Google Apps, Google Docs, etc.) or an iBasket or a Microbasket or even a Penguin-basket (for the revolutionaries out there).  Diversification is the key, even though it may cost synergistic efficiency.  The Google Empire had a hiccup today (for many users), and those who rely on Google for virtually all of their Web-based needs had a hiccup of a day by consequence.

As for me, I'm glad I had things to do offline, as there is always something to do in my daily existence - Google or not, personal computer or not, electricity or not, and civilization or not.  Even though the mind can play tricks on you (I'll have to blog about today's perceptional experience later), the human brain is a beautiful biological supercomputer.  Virtually all our modern day toys are here to supplement the brain's power, not to complement it.  For many of us, the human brain (and by extension, the human spirit) is already pretty complete; maybe cooperation with other people's brains can complement our own when websites, applications, and technologies cannot.  And sure, there is the question of artificial intelligence, but remember that we usually compare the possibility of artificial intelligence with the decision-making of humanity.

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