Saturday, May 23, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #9: Great NBA "Final Four" But Only One Ideal Finals: Lakers vs. Cavaliers

We are a few minutes away from Game Three of the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Denver Nuggets, at Denver, with a tied series for the Western Conference (one game each). Both games have been nail-biters, down to the wire. In fact, the Eastern Conference series is also tied between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Orlando Magic, with nail-biter finishes (especially LeBron James' buzzer beater in Game 2). Obviously, all four teams are formidable - potentially both series going the distance - but my excitement level for the Finals depends on the outcomes of both series:

1. If it's Lakers vs. Cavaliers - it's on! I am 100% interested in this Finals.

2. If it's Lakers vs. Magic - at least my hometown team is there. I'll be maybe 90% interested.

3. If it's Nuggets vs. Cavaliers - it'll be a shame with no LA, but at least King James can finally after all these long years and old age get another chance to win an NBA Championship. I'll be at least 60% interested in this series.

4. If it's Nuggets vs. Magic - sorry, guys, I am going to use my time on something else (there's always something to do). I'll be about 0% interested, personally.

In conclusion, I hope the Lakers win tonight. If not tonight, maybe on Memorial Day - but at least one in Denver.

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