Monday, May 18, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #4: Download Digital Albums and Review Them

Last Thursday night/early Friday morning, I downloaded Coldplay's live EP LeftRightLeftRightLeft for free and the new Green Day pop-punk rock opera album 21st Century Breakdown at AmazonMP3 for $5. I loaded both digital albums into my Shuffle, turned off the shuffle function, and listened to both during the driving portions of my Friday errands. Driving is not the best situation for critically listening to an album, but here's what I thought of both new releases, in slightly-larger-than-tweet-sized format:

Coldplay's live EP is a decent short collection of performances from their Viva la Vida Tour. The highlight is actually the short song "Death Will Never Conquer" with the drummer on lead vocals. Will Champion is a regular Ringo Starr.

The new Green Day album is essentially the continuation of them wanting to be like The Who by recording another rock opera concept album. In fact, they actually cover "A Quick One (While He's Away)" as an iTunes-only bonus song. Anyhow, much of the album is mid-tempo and...well, let me put it this way: At $5 on AmazonMP3 for a limited time (with a live Dookie song as a bonus track), the album is a decent listen at a decent value. At $15 on iTunes (with its own set of bonus tracks - to paraphrase Townshend's words/Dalrey's vox - you probably won't call it a bargain...the best you ever had. Unless you're a fanatical fan for Green Day, the iTunes version is overpriced. I'm pretty sure Billie Joe, et al., had some political angle to the concept album's storyline, like American Idiot, but my review was based on how it holds for casual listening while driving a car.

Anyway, that's the world of digitally delivered pop rock for you. I have a new Pearl Jam fanclub vinyl single that needs some spinning. ::boom:: LOST

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