Sunday, May 17, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #3: Watch the Final "Prison Break" Episodes on Hulu

I watched the final six episodes of Prison Break (presented as five, since the finale is two TV "hours" long) on Hulu. It was quite the marathon of quasi-twists and minor dei ex machinis every time a cell phone coincidentally saves the day or breaks a tense moment. The finale itself was sort of a cast reunion, with the army guy and Sucre returning to help out, as well as the formerly bad Secret Service dude as the big deus ex machina. It's a shame that the army guy and Sucre didn't get more screen time because their storyline was actually the most interesting of all the finale threads. In the end - SPOILERS AHEAD - the bad guys suffer poetic justice, most of the good guys get to live free, and the hero Michael Scofield is dead and buried...or is he?

Apparently, two anti-climactic episodes of Prison Break that occur after the collapse of The Company but before the four-year flash forward will be released as Prison Break: The Final Break. From many accounts (Google or Wiki to confirm or be deceived), these episodes involve Michael and friends trying to free Sara, who is incarcerated for killing Christina Scofield. In addition to the main plot, the DVD movie will probably add more epilogue and explain Michael's death.

Occam's Razor says that Michael's tumor wasn't totally removed, and he eventually succumbed to that. Remember that this is fictional storytelling, and Prison Break was built upon convoluted premises. There is a chance that in order to free Sara, Michael must make a deal with the new Scylla U.N. conglomerate for her freedom. He gives up his freedom to work for "the Conglomerate," and they fake his death - just like his mother. If so, we'll get to see the Prison Break friends reunion scene at Michael's gravesite again, but with the hero himself observing from a distance.

Of course, Michael Scofield will be wearing a khaki DHARMA Initiative jumpsuit. ::boom:: LOST

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