Saturday, May 16, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #2: Expand the Conglomerate or Create a Front Company?

As I may have mentioned on a number of occasions on this blog, almost a year ago, my brother and I founded a limited liability company called DeRamos Group LLC. It is currently structured into two main divisions: (1) DeRamos Music, which produces and publishes my music, my brother's music, our collaborations, and potentially the music of people we can convince to join us; and (2) DeRamos Media, which handles everything else, usually on the Web.

I can go about this particular "Waiting for 2010" sequence in one of two ways, possibly both:

1. I, Ryan DeRamos, can continue to run the DeRamos Group like I seriously do in real life (yes, that is real, unlike this hyperbolical blog entry), just like Charles Widmore's Widmore Corporation. I can also enjoy a fine whisky whilst I forge alliances with various other corporations and organizations. Like the possible connection between Widmore Corp. and the Hanso Foundation (financier of the DHARMA Initiative), the DeRamos Group might create ties with the non-profit sponsor of whatever I ranted about yesterday.

2. I can create another division/subsidiary of the DeRamos Group called DeRamos Bioscience, just like Richard Alpert's (or Jacob's?) Mittelos Bioscience, but that would mean I would have connections to the natives/Hostiles/Others. But in all seriousness, having a real-life division (or even a spin-off company) called DeRamos Bioscience sounds good, maybe because my surname is a quasi-rhyme with Mittelos.

Maybe there's a third option, where I eschew the Lost connection and instead go about business like either Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark.

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