Thursday, May 28, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #14: Blog about the Recent #unfollowdiddy Twitter Trend

Apparently, Sean "Insert Similarly Evolving Nickname Here" Combs is the victim of a mildly amusing quasi-cyber bullying mob, in the form of encouraging his Twitter followers to stop following the jack-of-all-trades private jet passenger. Apparently, Combs released another bizarre YouTube video celebrating gaining more than one million Twitter followers. As a backlash to Combs' perceived arrogance (which is quite a spot-on perception on more than one occasion), the #unfollowdiddy hashtag has been a popular trend as of late, and the top trend on Tuesday.

It is a little funny and a little sad that this man was once at the peak of his career, as a Burger King pitchman with a commercial that portrays him as an arrogant, self-centered, me-first kind of douche, er, dude:

...and now, he is the apparent victim of cyber bullying, just like an adolescent outcast in this Web-connected world. Instead of just a handful of classmate-bullies on Facebook, Combs has been bullied by a rather large percentage of the Twitter population, making this rapper/T-shirt designer the butt of several one-liner jokes. This Internet victimization has caused Combs to set his Twitter account to private, so that people who want to see what he has to "say" will have to follow him - thus keeping his followers over one million.

Of course, the curious can receive secondhand re-tweets from Combs' loyal followers by typing out "RT @iamdiddy" at Twitter's search page and not follow the "Vote or Die!" founder.

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