Monday, May 25, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #11: Rant a Bit about Time Travel

I wonder if certain psychotropic drugs can enable perceived or real consciousness time travel - either one is fine. I'm pretty if "real" consciousness time travel takes place, the traveler would somehow forget to change the past, and do what he/she was supposed to do anyway - all the while making a subjective choice to do it.

An article from TIME Magazine (appropriately named) argues that our brains (under non-diseased conditions) time travel all the time, incorporating previous memories to tell us to remember names, faces, and not to touch a hot stove. People with Alzheimer's and similar memory disabilities are stuck in a perpetual now and thus do not have the context of history when interacting with the world.

In any case, it would be nice to take a vacation from the now we're all aware of (regardless of memory condition) so that you can just go back for a temporary (also an appropriate term) visit. The catch would be to make as many "present" moments as "good" as possible so that if/when you go back to a certain moment, it will be pleasant.

Happy Memorial (another appropriate term) Day! It's 3 PM, and according to Vin Scully in today's Dodgers game, we should observe a moment of silence for our fallen soldiers, at least for us Americans. I don't know what happens for Spring Bank Holiday in the UK. ::boom:: LOST

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