Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Video Ellipsis, Fox News, and Pro Wrestling

On Facebook, one of my favorite college professors posted a link that had this embedded video:

I commented on his link:
I can tolerate Fox News continuing what they're doing, as long as their methods are made common knowledge like the reality of Pro Wrestling: Fans can appreciate the melodrama and technique, children eventually accept the truth, but only the delusional cling to the "reality" of the storylines. Thanks for the link, Professor!
And now I will use the magic of the ellipsis ( . . . ) for some of today's Google News headlines:

Karzai: Taliban gains . . . peace in Afghanistan

Dom DeLuise . . . at 75

Microsoft moves forward . . .

Treasury to own . . . GM: SEC filing

The above examples range from subtly inaccurate to outright misleading. In conclusion, we can only hope Fox News (and propagandistic media outlets of all ideological stripes) become as wink-wink, nudge-nudge transparent as World Wrestling Entertainment.

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