Thursday, May 7, 2009

Richard Alpert's Compass #Lost

Caution: Mild spoilers ahead. I'm trying to figure out when and where Richard Alpert's compass was first acquired. I don't know if I have the chronological details correct (or even if the showrunners do), but I've given this a shot:

Full four-toed statue time: A 48(c) year old John Locke fixes loose frozen donkey wheel to stop the time travel flashes. Locke is transported to 2007 Tunisia, where he is still biologically 48-ish but legally 51.

1954: A 48(b) year old Locke gives a compass to Alpert.

1956: Locke is born.

1974: The frequently leaping main survivors (at the very least) end up here after Locke fixes the wheel.

2004: Ben Linus causes the Island (and its non-native inhabitants, namely, the Survivors and the Science Team) to jump frequently throughout time.

2007: A resurrected "legally 51" year old/legally dead Locke asks Alpert if he still has the compass Locke gave him in 1954. Alpert presumably takes out the same compass, saying that it is a little rusty. Following resurrected Locke's orders, Alpert goes to an injured 48(a) year old Locke (who temporarily jumped to 2007), treats his bullet wound, and gives him either (1) the rusty compass from 1954 or (2) a "younger" version of the compass also in Alpert's possession.

If Alpert gave 48(a) Locke the rusty compass in 2007, then 48(b) Locke will give that same rusty compass to Alpert in 1954. Between the years 1954 and 2007, Alpert will let the rusty compass get rustier, unless the Island prevents the compass from getting decades of wear and tear. Barring that, in 2007, Alpert will then give 48(a) Locke a rustier compass. Then 48(b) Locke will give that rustier compass to Alpert in 1954. The compass will get - let's say - "rustiest" throughout those next five decades. In 2007, Alpert will give 48(a) Locke the rustiest compass, who in turn, as 48(b) Locke, will give the rustiest compass to 1954 Alpert. Et cetera, and eventually both Alpert and Locke will give one another a pile of sandy metal particles.

Am I missing and/or misunderstanding a detail or two?

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