Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Meddling Shareholder

OK, I really have nothing earth-shattering to write (again, when have I ever?), so I'm just going to write short, Twitter-sized comments to companies that I technically "own" (and possibly use their products), without going through the hassle of actually @ tweeting their respective Twitter accounts and not get a reply. I'm just going to address a handful of companies that you all know and love/hate:

@GOOG: Develop Android as true PC OS. Bury Windows; OS X. Do it.

@AAPL: Make Hackintosh EULA w/ two versions of next OS X: $129 for Mac w/ reg. customer service; $300 for 3rd party PC w/ crap customer service.

@MSFT: Pro-PC ads ridiculous - consider Linux (no $$$ for you) on Dell, HP, etc., and Bootcamp'd Windows (+$$$ for you) on Apple.

@SBUX: Lookin' good again; ensnare the masses more; don't screw this up. BTW, I'm not a customer. Evil LOL.

Et cetera on the portfolio, but those are the handful of companies about which I want to rant for now. As you can see, other than Starbucks, I'm gearing to set up a three-way smackdown among Google, Apple, and Microsoft for computing platform dominance. Where Ubuntu fell short (to some hopeful enthusiasts), Google's Android (or whatever it will be called in the future) will open the door to both cloud computing solutions and other open-source Linux flavors for those who don't want to be spoonfed everything. I'm getting into experimenting with Linux OSes, and so far, you don't have to be Woz-building-the-first-Apple-PC to break free from the Mac/Win dichotomy. Also realize that I openly support open source solutions in spite of the small financial gain that happens when people patronize the aforementioned proprorietary technology.

I guess I must end this pseudo-geek rant ('cause while I have fun playing with technology, I'm not wired to replicate or at least fully understand it). Yes, this is tied to the apparently cautiously recovering (knock on wood) economy.

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