Friday, April 24, 2009

What I'm Doing Right Now

OK, this is essentially a filler post that would have been better as a series of tweets. I am running out of Friday in which to write a Friday post, and I haven't been hip to what's hip/hype for today about which to rant. In lieu of actual, meaningful content, I'm just going to write a script of what I am doing or planning to do before today's long day and the Cabernet I had with dinner (a nice lamb and sausage stew) finally catch up - in which case, I then enter the Universe of my subconscious's creating.

1. Until next Friday, AmazonMP3 has Jim Gaffigan's latest comedy album King Baby on sale for $5. I will download the album, and his post-Hot Pockets material had better be funny.

2. I will sleep for Friday night and hopefully wake up sometime on Saturday.

3. Before I listen to King Baby, I must finish the audiobooks of both John Milton's Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, as read by the fantastic volunteers of LibriVox. Right now, I like being read to more than reading. It's strange.

4. After being read the books, I must blog about Milton's video game theology. Seriously, that epic war in heaven part between immortal armies was full of video game mechanics. Milton is an example of Puritanpunk.

5. Then I will listen to King Baby.


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