Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Ramblings

Happy (?) Tax Day to everyone whose deadline for tax returns is April 15 (and Happy Birthday to a couple of friends). I don't feel like blogging about one specific topic today, so I'm going to do the list:

1. I'm glad I did my personal and LLC taxes well in advance for this deadline.

2. More pirates! The ones attacking aid supply ships are douchebags. That's like mugging Father Dollar Bill on Easter. Do not hurt the ones who want to help!

3. Lost is back to the '70s tonight!

4. Bo Obama the dog!

5. The Sandra Cantu murder case is getting stranger, with exponentially increasingly disgusting allegations on the suspect. It is disturbing that (some? many? all?) people are capable of this amount of evil.

6. I think Al Franken won his Senate race...? And that's okay.

7. Don't high five the blind guy.

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