Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning and Time Traveling

It's amazing how quickly (and often exponentially) junk mail, receipts, and documents pile up when one is busy working on...other documents. I've been sorting through this paper waste to see which documents can go directly to the trash (recycle bin, perhaps?) and which needs to go through the shredder, to prevent dumpster-diving identity thieves from gathering information.

While it takes a lot of time to do this task, a welcome side-effect is time travel via memory recall. Before sending a receipt (with credit card info) into the shredder, I can vividly recall (probably with a partially skewed misremembered memory) the context of a meal at a particular restaurant, or a birthday delivery from, etc. It's almost like one's consciousness time traveling to where you were before, except there's no real interaction...just temporary sentimentality.

I found some documents when I was a high school teacher. Those were good times. The freshmen at the time of my employment are now seniors who are about to graduate in a few short weeks. I'm glad that I get to "see" what's up with some of the then-freshmen, then-sophomores, then-juniors, and then-seniors on Facebook (and MySpace when I used to go there). I hope to find them, as well as the ones with whom I have lost contact, when the social networking paradigm shifts beyond Facebook and beyond Twitter.

Anyway, it's back to the paper mines I go. I almost feel like WALL-E, sorting through the trash of my neglect. I wish you all a Happy Earth Day (and Birthday to a couple of friends)!

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