Monday, April 27, 2009

Misanthropic Rant: Impatience + Ignorance = Stupidity

This might be the few almonds (the dinner of champions!) chased by a Heineken, a Guinness, a Stella Artois, and a Heineken talking, but I'll probably stand by this rant (but probably not the potential typos and grammatical errors herein).

I was at the Smashing Pumpkins' website, and apparently, a bartender inherited a former Pumpkin James Iha's (now of Tinted Windows, etc.) platinum award - by way of one of Iha's ex-girlfriend - for Siamese Dream. The bartender is putting that award for auction on eBay. Some commenters think it's Iha doing the auction, when in fact the article on the SP site plainly says a third party is responsible for putting the award on eBay. Those commenters are accusing Iha for wanting to make a buck from his former band by putting the aforementioned award on eBay. Apparently, these article commenters either don't have the time to read a measly paragraph, or some of them have the uncanny ability to write coherent sentences but are simultaneously illiterate. To be fair, I sometimes come to conclusions without reading things well enough. Sometimes.

In any case, some (possibly many) humans are stupid.

Another reason: I like my 2G iPod Shuffle. I like it so much, that I protect it with a sillicone case. Unfortunately, I have to remove the case in order to charge and resync my Shuffle with the standard 2G dock. I used a Best Buy Dynex-brand non-dock cable, but it recently crapped out on me after three months of service. Even that had special extra plastic bits on the mini-connector side of the USB cable.

I recently learned that the dock-dongle technology and/or the extra plastic bits are there to prevent people from foolishly inserting the special mini plug into a non-iPod Shuffle device, which would fry those devices. Even inventors, innovators, and R&D must take into account potential stupidity of a substantial sampling of the populace, in order to prevent litigation.

In any case, some (possibly many) humans are stupid.

It almost makes me want to believe that the lamenting God of Genesis 6:6 -

And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.
- was commenting more on man's stupidity than his sinfulness. Or possibly sinfulness is stupidity, and the forbidden fruit was actually from the Tree of Dumbassness. Biblical translators, take note.

And don't get me started on the criminally evil and/or stupid humans mentioned on the local and evening news.

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