Thursday, April 2, 2009

Miles and Hurley's Reflexive Conversation on LOST FTW

A week or so ago, I ranted about the mechanics of time travel, as stated by the TV show Lost, to try to clarify what some people don't get about time travel (which, in the real world, doesn't matter at all). I'm glad Miles played the role of remedial time travel tutor, while Hurley reflexively represented the viewers that don't quite get it.

The next show's series finale was okay. I only caught maybe a couple of episodes of Life on Mars, but got filled in - like Battlestar Galactica - by Wikipedia (and fan Wikis). I'm glad that DVD box sets are feasible ways to make a profit from a TV show, so that the old model of "at least five full seasons (100 episodes), then syndication" that I learned in college is not the only path to profitability in television. It's more like build a fanbase, complete the main story arc before cancellation (or pull some strings to wrap it up in a direct-to-DVD movie), then sell a DVD box set for every season aired (with extras...on Blu-ray). $$$

Speaking of DVD box sets, it's good that President Obama was a bit more thoughtful in his gift to the Queen of England - personalized, filled iPod and related songbooks - than his gift to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (which was a stack of DVDs, if you'll recall).

On Twitter, @Nightline asked:

Nightline CLOSING ARGUMENT: The Obamas give the Queen a personalized iPod, signed songbook. A good presidential gift? What would you give her Majesty?
I replied:
DeRamos ObamaPod meh OK @Nightline I would time travel to WWII and save the future Queen, then return to the present to say "You're welcome." :-)
Now THAT'S a thoughtful gift. I doubt they talked about it on last night's Nightline.

Also on Twitter, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich wrote:
newtgingrich I am doing greta van susteren tonight at 1030
I hope Newt had fun, then.

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