Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kumar Goes to the White House

There are probably a billion and a half blog entries and news articles with that title, as apparently actor Kal Penn ditched old Hollywood for the new Hollywood (Washington, D.C.), had his House character Dr. Kutner written off the show by suicide, and ditched both Harold and fictional Neil Patrick Harris to work with President Obama. Come to think of it, this entry should've had this title:

Barack and Kumar Go to White House

Quite the stoner movie, I suppose. For more details on this movie (and cool stuff that's happening for real), head on over to my friend Rama's film blog Rama's Screen.

By the way, this is the "half" entry added to the billion entries. I think I'm suffering from blogger's block today. I had a lot of good stuff done today (to be revealed later), so I'm okay with this temporary condition.

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