Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Day Before Easter

Much attention has been given to Good Friday (the Crucifixion) and Easter Sunday (the Resurrection and non-sequitur Easter egg hunts), but I can't recall much attention paid to the Saturday (Holy Saturday) between both days. Depending on your brand of Christian theology (if any), today commemorates either when Jesus took the concept of Sabbath rest to its extreme conclusion (i.e., death as sleep) or when Jesus' soul played the most badass game ever of dungeon-crawling Diablo and pulled off a cosmic heist/prison break of souls. Considering the latter option isn't technically akin to a lucid dream (but actual exhausting work), both options are quite incompatible with one another. I don't know which makes better story sense:

1. Taking a well-deserved daylong rest after doing a lot of work and stuff sounds good to me.

2. Hunting demons after possibly finding a long-lost archangel sword (with magical powers? you betcha!) to wield in Hell also sounds good. An epic (non-philosophical) duel between the devil and the rebirth deity, near the end of this day, would be simply fantastic. Oh yeah, and the whole rescuing imprisoned good souls is also cool. (I think Mel Gibson should film an equally bloody, action-packed sequel to The Passion called The Harrowing.)

We're also in the midst of Passover, too, and likely other holidays. In any case, whatever you believe (or not believe), celebrate today, for whatever reason, even if you can't quite utter a reason. There's almost always a reason, for not having a reason is a reason in and of itself.

Have a good weekend!

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