Saturday, April 18, 2009

Change This: Everything's Amazing; Nobody's Happy

A friend on Facebook, or maybe a couple of friends, posted a link to this Late Night with Conan O'Brien clip, in which comedian Louis CK laments that our technologically advanced generation is basically a bunch of spoiled brats who complain about the most trivial things regarding the conveniences they currently have:

By contrast, ABC's Nightline broadcast a news story about a kid named Devin McQueen, who was born with non-functional bowels, and couldn't eat (literally!) because of his condition. For the first several years of this five year old's life, Devin had to get his nutrition intravenously. After many trials and setbacks, doctors transplanted a donated small intestine to Devin, using our modern medical technology (the one that many complain about when trivial things go less-than-awry). The kid could finally eat, and you should see the video clip (somewhere in "The Boy Who Couldn't Eat," parts one and two) in which he rejoices over the prospect of eating oatmeal.

Yes, oatmeal.

This society would be a lot better if we treated our smart phones and netbooks and transportation like a kid eating oatmeal for the second time, after enjoying it thoroughly the first time. In fact, we should rejoice over the prospect of eating oatmeal again, as well as other otherwise mundane things and activities.

Logically, I would say to celebrate every inhale and exhale of breath, but it's better to get stuff done whilst breathing. Contributing to locality or society or humanity is to celebrate one's opportunity for life. Cheers!

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