Saturday, April 4, 2009

Catorcemom (Octomom + 6) Has More Clout than Madonna RE: Kids

That's pretty much it. The Malawi government rejected Madonna's request to adopt another child, while some part of the news (local and/or syndicated soft) still devotes some time to the woman in whom science went awry (this blog too, ironically). At least Catorcemom (catchier than Quattuodecimomom, also thanks to U2's "Vertigo," and more accurate that Octomom) gets to keep all her kids (so far). Too bad for Madonna. Scratch that: Sympathy goes to the orphaned kid(s) involved, as well as the eight kids born simultaneously, and the six kids that seem to be ignored by the media (but hopefully they are well cared for by someone).

Births and adoptions shouldn't get this sort of hype. Hype itself is a load of crap. The only entity that gets a marginal pass in this department is "Brangelina" - and that's only because they're compared relative to Catorcemom (who allegedly wants to be Brangelina minus the prefix) and Madonna.

P.S. I just did a quick Google search, and some people agree that Octomom should be Catorcemom because, of course, she is a mom of 14 and is currently in minute 14 (of 15) in the spotlight.

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