Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Android + PC: Open Source FTW or Google Pwns?

I'm pretty excited that there can possibly be a new contender in the personal computing platform wars: Google's Android operating system, thus rendering the whole "Mac or PC?" pop culture gimmick even more confusing (for non-sheeple). Since people are still weirded out by open source Linux derivatives, Microsoft Windows still is the dominant operating system on non-Apple PC hardware. If made/played/marketed well, I think Google's quasi-Linux/open source OS has a chance to make a significant impact in this market, taking away heavily from Microsoft's and Apple's proprietary market shares. It might not be far-fetched that the new false computer dichotomy of the future will be "i or G?" - that is, if Google overtakes Microsoft in the third party PC market. At that point, Apple's Boot Camp will have to officially welcome some open source to the club to run on a Mac. Then again, at that point, OS X - or some future permutation thereof - will officially appear on third party PC hardware, thus destroying all consumer dichotomies.

Then the new dichotomy will then be: "Human or Cylon?" Yes, I watched the last episode of the new Battlestar Galactica (my only episode ever). With a Wikipedia browser tab open to fill in some details, that episode rocked. Or at least I think it rocked. It rocked.

In any case, I'm still pondering this: How is Google CEO Eric Schmidt still on Apple's Board of Directors?

Oh yeah, full disclosure: I'm losing money on Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Since they're not banks or auto makers, who am I to complain?

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