Monday, April 13, 2009


Hold the phone: still sells books? There about two explanations why's entire LGBT library was suddenly delisted in the bestsellers list and/or relisted as "adult" themed books: (1) Outright censorship, or (2) a computer glitch.

Censorship: Even the books with no explicit paragraphs (but have gay characters) are lumped into this recent reclassification. It is a conspiracy by social conservatives in the ranks of still reeling from last year's elections and their current feud with fiscal conservatives.

Glitch: All the books categorized as "LGBT" (or however used to list them) experienced some bad code and 100% were shifted into the category "Adult." Alternatively, let's say the computer shifted a subcategory from one supercategory to another: "general > LGBT" to "adult > LGBT." With an bugs in the servers' operating system, that's possible.

Then again, a human could do the category shift, in which case, that's censorship.

So I ask again: still sells books? Currently, they're good for some on-sale electronics and the random daily MP3 album deal. I recently bought 150 slightly annoying children's songs for $1. Why? It was a dollar; that's why.

If you want books, go to the public library. Your tax dollars pay for the place, and it's not currently a good economy to buy books. Librarians seem to be guardians against censorship. Pro-censorship politicians are outed whenever anti-censorship librarians are fired.

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