Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Twitter is Interactive Pop Mass New Media Shareholder Participation et cetera

I think I finally figured out Twitter.  Fellow blogger and tweeter @williamdipini nudged me in the right direction, in that I blog here* and tweet there.  (By the way, William has been MIA as of late on the InterWebs.  Wherever you are, Will, I hope you're doing great!  Cheers!)

Facebook is about interacting with people you know.  Twitter is about interacting with all sorts of people:  Those you know (and are friends on Facebook, too), those you kinda know, and especially those you don't.  In other words, you get to follow newmakers and famous people, you get to interact with their tweets (@THE_REAL_SHAQ, for instance), and sometimes (depending on their Twitter zeal and number of followers) they'll reply.

I sometimes watch Nightline because it's a good midday newshour (for the Wolfman and Dracula).  I follow @Nightline and get some interesting tweets and re-tweets from Nightline staff.  On one such occasion, I interacted with "the show" (or at least an employee who tweets for the show):

Nightline RT khinman stopped by the Makers Mark distillery on my way back from the Amazon wrhse in KY bringing back a bottle for my friends @nightline

I didn't know what "the Amazon wrhse in KY" was.  Yes, I too thought it read "the Amazon whorehouse in Kentucky."  So I went to the original tweeter, Nightline producer Katie Hinman's Twitter:

khinman stopped by the Maker's Mark distillery on my way back from the Amazon warehouse in KY. bringing back a bottle for my friends @nightline

Ah, she wrote Amazon warehouse...  Of course, I had to make some kind of comment.

DeRamos @khinman @Nightline retweeted as "Amazon wrhse" but "warehouse" didn't come to mind when I read that. ;-)

I had to be honest.  The show replied first:

Nightline @DeRamos Funny! That would be a new area for Amazon

I think that means I'm their new alcohol and whorehouse correspondent (
Nevada bureau chief Ryan DeRamos, at your service), or that ABC will give me a timeslot after Jimmy Kimmel (sorry, Oprah repeat!).  Anyhow, Ms. Hinman replied too:

khinman @DeRamos I'm bringing back bourbon....and that's it!

To celebrate my interaction with those who bring us the news and/or corporate propaganda, I drank a boilermaker.  I didn't have Kentucky bourbon, so I used Gentleman Jack (Tennessee sour mash whiskey) instead.  And a Heineken.  It was awesome.

With Twitter, we (if you'll join me, if you haven't already) can interact with newmakers and politicians...almost directly.  And "celebrities" too, if that's your thing (who am I to judge?).  Several companies are on Twitter, mostly for their consumers - to hype up new products or for some "customer service."  However, if you're a shareholder, you can use the connection to show 'em who's ultimately boss.  Business 101 regarding corporations:  Shareholders elect the Board of Directors who oversee Executives which trickles down to various strata of Management, down to the lowly Tweeter.  So you get to bully around the low person on the corporate ladder.  Boo-yah!

You and I can interact with tweeting employees, journalists, Shaq, and possibly your local/statewide/national/global politician.  It's a sad fact that in this technological era, everyone's business is everyone's business.  It's a happy fact, too, that everyone's business IS everyone's business.  It behooves us all to make the most of it, or to turn off our Internet connections and live inside a cave.  Both will work fine.

*This particular post has gone the redundant Posterous > Blogger, Twitter, and Facebook route.  Luckily, Twitterfeed is off.

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