Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Society of Gloves "Don't Say You Will"

The Society of Gloves has finally released new material after about one and a half years of not releasing new material (other than my Élan Vital score and soundtrack). It is a piano ballad/upbeat rocker/piano ballad/loud ending called "Don't Say You Will":

I started writing the song behind a piano, and I wrote the piano ballad part before I got bored of the mellowness. I started hitting the G note rhythmically, and that started the upbeat rock part of the song. It returns to the mellow piano and vocal only for the end, but I didn't want to end it there. That's why we brought the entire band in for another guitar solo. And then we end the song. I'm happy we could do all that in under five minutes (about four minutes and forty-one or forty-two seconds) - the song length, that is, not the recording process.

Next month, we should have another track completed. Or maybe an older track remixed and remastered. I'll definitely blog about it (and embed the song), and we'll also have the music available at the Society's website and our Facebook profile. We've abandoned our MySpace profile, essentially.

By the way, the Society of Gloves #hashtag on Twitter is #sofg - since that hasn't been taken (other than a fellow tweeter's user name).

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