Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Line on the Horizon, Rush Republicans, and other Stream of Consciousness Musings

1. U2's latest album, which I downloaded when it was first available on the West Coast at Amazon MP3 for about $4, is a better first-time listen than U2's last album. I might have to give it a full review on this blog later.

2. Bush Republicans are now Rush Republicans (and possibly always were). The Democratic majority wants (like me) to destroy the modern Big Brother GOP, and as long as it is replaced by an better opposition party, I'm totally with the dismantling.

3. I want opportunity for kids and risk for adults/companies, so I would like a debate between Big Government Liberals and Small Government Conserv...er, Libertarians debating, leaving things like science off the table (unless there's a debate about public funding of science).

4. Liberal thought is valid when it comes to providing opportunities (not hand outs) to kids regardless of birth. I'm talking about education. Education = Opportunity.

5. Conservative thought (not the nation-building jingoism of the past eight years) is valid when it comes to letting people and companies fail, so that other people and companies could succeed.

6. That's not completely heartless because liberal thought and tax dollars would be used to create opportunities for kids. When they grow up, they'll have the choice whether or not to succeed, given the minimum (or maximum, depending...) opportunity from their youth.

7. That's probably the millionth time I've mentioned my ever-evolving nuanced ideology in a post: Opportunity for kids, risk for adults/companies.

8. Senator John McCain's Twitter is hit or miss when it comes to humor and his top ten pork project lists.

9. RT @SenJohnMcCain #4. $143,000 for Nevada Humanities to develop and expand an online encyclopedia - Anyone heard of Wikipedia?

10. If Rush Limbaugh is the voice of the Bush/Rush Republicans, Senator McCain needs his own party, but I'm glad he's tweeting and seems free from whatever he was last year.

11. The Obama Administration is still in superhero reactionary mode. I'll let you all know if/when it becomes proactive supervillainy of Cheney proportions. We're not yet at "Change" but still at "Fixing."

12. "Socialism" is no boogie (bogey?) man compared to "Totalitarianism."

13. The "Freedom Fries" era of jingoist chauvinism during the "Mission Accomplished" phase of the Iraq War was the closest we've been to totalitarianism and the scapegoating of fellow loyal Americans, at least in my lifetime.

14. A simple litmus test of American patriotism is whether or not one believes in "American prosperity." How to get there and how we know we're there are topics up for debate.

15. Bono used the line "Vision of our visibility" during the U2/Pearl Jam collaborative cover/rearrangement of Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World." The line is back in "Moment of Surrender."

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