Thursday, March 12, 2009

New iPod Shuffle: Put a Button on the Unit (TWSS*)

There's a lot to like about the Apple's newest incarnation of the iPod Shuffle. It's smaller, sleeker, still relatively inexpensive, and has a higher capacity (4 GB) than its predecessor.

Unfortunately, it is not a complete unit*. Other than an on/off switch and a shuffle/cycle switch, Apple forces the user to rely on the in-box ear buds (until further notice) to control the iPod Shuffle. These specialized ear buds have the controls to control volume, play/pause, and change tracks. Actually, if I read the specs correctly, one button controls play/pause (single-click), next track (double-click), and previous track (triple-click). That's a decent innovation; too bad those same buttons aren't on the actual unit.

It might be for the sake of convenience that the controls are integrated on the bud cable, but a little redundancy isn't a bad thing. I don't like using the default in-box Apple ear buds. I'd rather choose my own way to listen to the iPod. If I want to use a TRS to RCA connector from the iPod to a stereo, and if AAPL (notice I'm using their ticker symbol like a parent using their child's full name to scold) wants me to consume their new product, they'll have to give me that option. As is, there seems to be no way for me to plug in the new Shuffle to my car and use it on the road. That's where I use my current Shuffle most often.

I'm pretty sure other manufacturers will add that sort of Shuffle control circuitry to headphones, ear plugs, and ear buds. Otherwise, AAPL and other manufacturers might sell a female to male TRS cable with Shuffle controls like the Sony Walkman and Minidisc players from the '90s. Then you can plug in whatever to the iPod Shuffle. Unfortunately, that sort of dongle defeats the purpose of the sleeker design of the new Shuffle.

This shareholder is not satisfied with AAPL at the moment. Employees should try not to piss off their boss (shareholder = boss), no matter how petty their stake. Alliances may form, and proxy battles may ensue. Of course, they had to release this after we reelected the board. The CEOs of Google and Avon and the vacationing/ailing Steve Jobs, as well as the other directors, are all laughing at us now. Lousy smug board of directors.

Anyhow, I'm sticking with the 1 GB Shuffle I got last Christmas. Hopefully I can find a decent replacement (quality and price-wise) when the rechargeable battery stops recharging. That's the point of my rant, I guess. I don't care too much about pricey mp3 players, but I want a useful, inexpensive solution when I have to replace my current player. Here's to a better 4th generation Shuffle. Maybe it'll be a microchip that you can install in a pleasure center of the brain:

The iGasm, new from Apple*.

*That's what she said.


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