Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Quick Thoughts

Since I just recharged my human batteries for another stretch of being productive (i.e., I took a nighttime nap and I'm good to go until noon, perhaps), I can't think of a single topic for which to write.

1. I downloaded the new Chris Cornell album at AmazonMP3 for $3. I'm listening to it right now. It sounds like he and his collaborators went to town messing with Pro Tools.

2. Who am I to judge? I've been pushing myself musically as well.

3. If the Society of Gloves (my band) can output a Web-ready steaming MP3 (it could still be a post-mix, pre-master) of one new song per month, I'd be happy. In 2006, I aimed for one song per week, but the way I write, arrange, and produce (fancily, obessively, and slowly) and other necessities in life make that impossible.

4. I'm too young to remember Ike & Tina (the real thing, not the movie), and I'm too old to care about Chris Brown & Rihanna, other than one is an assclown and the other isn't being wise at all, if the allegations are true.

5. The Apple non-netbook netbook is looking more likely to be a reality. What are they going to call it?

6. iPod HD? I don't know why the "HD" suffix is being used in various weblogs, since it's ultimately a marketing buzzword.

7. iPad, if it is a multi-touch subnotebook?

8. AppBook, if the only way to officially install programs is to use the App Store?

9. I'm possibly asserting wrong assumptions, since I don't really know how the OS of iPhones and iPod Touches (iPods Touch?) work - but is the App Store the only EULA-approved way to install applications?

10. I'm probably being too hard lamenting the App Store's proprietariness versus open source programs. I think the pecking order for open source technology works this way: Linux builds? Duh. Geek FUBU, MFers! Windows? Sure. Mac OS? Beta testing, always beta testing.

11. Proprietary technology tends to work this way: Windows and Mac OS? Yes, for OS X and XP, but not Vista (never, ever Vista...okay maybe Vista 32-bit but who has Vista 32-bit?). Linux? LOL, computer nerds! Seriously, no.

12. I guess the App Store is just quality control for the iPhone/iPod Touch/AppBook (I say!) OS; the only downside is that Apple rejects apps perceived as iTunes competitors (podcast catchers and AmazonMP3).

13. I still like AmazonMP3 better than the iTunes Store for music. I've yet to see the same type of deals on iTunes as AmazonMP3.

14. A news report yesterday said that college kids like the lower-resolution sound of mp3s better than the higher "quality" (high bitrate quantity, that is) sound of CDs. It's that kind of pop culture taste that drives me to become more of a vinyl snob when it comes to music consumption and a happy producer of mp3 files for people to listen to on the Web.

15. Until I can find a permanent bass player (preferably a lady, since I share Billy Corgan's chick bass player fetish), tracking bass is a necessary pain. I don't play that instrument that often to have bass player calluses.

16. But few things are better musically than a bassline more-or-less locked with the kick drum. So simple yet so effective this technique is.

17. Yoda's speech pattern is almost like Latin in syntax.

18. My first lesson in Irish is harder than the previous two languages I learned. I can't figure out why. Maybe I'll retain better for today's lesson.

19. I might need to buy a case of Guinness for inspiration.

20. I'm off to fiddle with guitar effects and try to come up with an emotionally-intense guitar solo, or so my producer (who is me) expects of me. Results will vary.

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